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Laura Ingraham reacted this morning to President Trump's Afghanistan speech and previewed his upcoming Arizona campaign-style rally.

Ingraham questioned whether the strategy to add more American troops to the fight in Afghanistan will work in the long run. 

She said the president delivered a strong speech overall, particularly when he started by calling for "unity of purpose" in the country, but she was skeptical about what comes next in the war. 

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"It's very hard to imagine how we win a lasting peace if we couldn't do it with 100,000 troops. Now we're gonna have about 13,000," she argued. 

Ingraham said it's hard to see how things will change in the region unless the U.S. combats "in a meaningful way" the extremist ideology coming from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. 

Trump voters supported "drain the swamp, not clear the desert," she said, adding that it appears U.S. troops will be fighting in Afghanistan for decades to come. 

She said the president must now keep up a positive tone about "unifying the country" across racial, religious and ethnic lines, hoping it will start tonight with his rally in Phoenix.

Ingraham said Trump should take advantage of an opportunity to "pivot" away from the negative headlines since Charlottesville. 

Watch her full reaction above.

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