Democrats appear torn over whether former President Obama should take a leading role on the campaign trail for the midterm elections.

One Democratic aide said Obama will start a “delicate dance” to help his floundering party leading up to the congressional elections.

"Unlike many of his recent predecessors, he left office without scandal and with high approval ratings,” Democratic strategist David Wade said. “And with the incumbent president in the White House bogged down by investigation and deep unpopularity, the contrast is helpful."

Another disagreed: “It’s wise for both Clinton and Obama to hang back at this point," a strategist commented. “Otherwise our party will have an even harder time rebounding."

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The former president met in July with DNC Chairman Tom Perez and lawmakers to discuss the path forward, and it is reported he will address fundraising.

Democrats' fundraising quandary is "concerning to us," Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov said on "Outnumbered."

Host Harris Faulkner asked Tarlov what was wrong with the Democratic party.

"I mean there's only 18 minutes left in the show," she responded.

"Oh, you need more than 18 minutes to explain what's wrong with Democrats?" Faulker joked.

Watch the discussion above.

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