The historic total solar eclipse has occurred over Madras, Oregon. 

The first total solar eclipse since 1979 is working its way across the United States and Shepard Smith is covering it live on Fox News Channel. 



The eclipse is expected to last the longest in Carbondale, Illinois. 

Watch the moment darkness descended over a crowd in Madras, Oregon, above. 

Correspondent Dan Springer said some people traveled for days, or in some instances camped out for days, in Madras, waiting for the eclipse. 

The crowd cheered wildly, with people yelling out "amazing" and "once in a lifetime."

"You'll never see this again," one woman said. 

Another person it was the "coolest thing" she'd ever seen. 

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From there, the eclipse moved southeastward to Casper, Wyoming and to Beatrice, Nebraska. 

Stay with Fox News channel all afternoon for Shepard Smith's can't-miss live coverage of the historic spectacle. 

He's reading tweets from eclipse-watching viewers, testing out his own eclipse glasses and sharing pics of his dog, Lucia!

Correspondent Matt Finn is live in Illinois as a huge crowd awaits the eclipse at a football stadium in the Midwest. 

Janice Dean is ready to go with coverage in South Carolina. Tune in, because you won't see this again in the United States until April 8, 2024!

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Watch Illinois' reaction below.