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In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, some on the left have been using racially-charged rhetoric to call out President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

A woman was killed on August 12 when a car rammed into a crowd of counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally. Trump was criticized for blaming "both sides" for the violence and not unequivocally denouncing white supremacists.

On MSNBC, former DNC Chair Howard Dean said a vote for any Republican in 2018 is a vote for the "racist" in the White House. And Rep. Keith Ellison (D-IL) said Trump doesn't feel an urgency to distance himself from neo-Nazis.

On "The Story," Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said that type of rhetoric is "divisive" and "disgraceful," and it does nothing to help unify the nation.

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"That's totally out-of-bounds. It's wrong. And politically, I think it hurts them, because I think that alienates the American people," King said.

He urged his fellow Republican not to panic and give in to that type of rhetoric, pointing out that the Republican-controlled Congress must get significant legislation passed when they're back in session in September.

"We have to get those results, and we have to find a way to work with the White House to get it done," King said, calling for a focus on tax cuts and an infrastructure bill.

He said the GOP should work on advancing policies that are beneficial for people of every race, and that's how they can push back against allegations of being racist or holding sympathy for white nationalists.

"Democrats, by using race, to me, they are trivializing racism as an issue," King said. "They are politicizing it. And that, to me, should be insulting to everyone who is genuinely concerned about civil rights and human rights."

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