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During a major address at Fort Myer in Arlington, Va., Monday night, President Donald Trump outlined a comprehensive new strategy for achieving a “lasting peace” in Afghanistan.

The president's plan includes deploying additional U.S. troops, giving no “arbitrary timetables” for how long U.S. troops will remain, ratcheting up pressure on Pakistan to stop harboring militants and refocusing the mission on “killing terrorists,” not nation-building.

After Trump's address, Hamdullah Mohib, Afghanistan's ambassador to the U.S., said he welcomes a strong collaboration between our two nations in the fight against terrorism.

Sean Hannity said that "collaboration" includes Afghanistan and Pakistan stepping up, because the U.S. does not have "endless patience and money."

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"Is Afghanistan and will Pakistan bear their fair share?" Hannity asked. "Because the patience of the American people is rather thin right now."

Mohib said Afghanistan wants an "honorable and enduring" outcome for the sacrifices made by both the Afghan and the American people, and they are absolutely committed to working with the U.S. and other allies to defeat terrorism.

Hannity noted that Trump made it clear in his speech that America will be a strong and reliable partner, but this is no longer about nation-building.

"It's really going to be up to you to sort out a lot of evil that exists in that country," Hannity said. "The Taliban must be destroyed, and you're going to have to bear the burden of the bigger part of that sacrifice, as it's your country, your region of the world."

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