Physician Dr. Kelli Ward is taking on Sen. Jeff Flake in the 2018 elections, and vows she will act on the border wall with Mexico.

"I think we do need to mix the mortar to fix the border, " Ward said, citing a key policy difference between herself and Flake.

"I haven't been selected by any insider group to represent the state of Arizona," Ward assured on "Fox & Friends." "I've been selected by the people of our state and the people of our country."

The Arizona state senator stated that she has a track record of doing what she promises in the state senate, and said that will not change.

President Trump applauded Ward's challenge to Flake in a tweet last week.

Ward also said her background as a physician has shown her that ObamaCare is hurting people, calling the inaction by Congress "appalling."

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"Unfortunately for us in Arizona, we don't have a conservative, Republican senator," she remarked. "We don't have a senator who supports the president at all."

Ward lost her challenge to Sen. John McCain in 2016. 

Flake made headlines a few weeks ago when he released a book and declared the GOP to be "in denial" on President Trump. 

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