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President Donald Trump will address our nation’s troops and the American people on the Afghanistan war, tonight at 9:00pm ET on Fox News Channel.

The speech will take place in Fort Myer in Arlington, Va., and it is expected to include a major announcement regarding the nation's foreign policy in Afghanistan and South Asia.

On "Your World" today, pollster Frank Luntz said this is a "significant" moment for Trump, since he's had a rough past ten days.

"You have Republicans in the House and Senate, and others across the country, that were legitimately lost the message, whether he's lost the narrative," Luntz said. "And this is a chance for him to do what presidents are meant to do, which is to lead."

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"This comes at the right time for him," Luntz added. "He needed this speech."

He said that this speech also gives Trump an opportunity to draw a contrast with his predecessor, former President Obama.

He added, however, that it's not necessarily what Trump says tonight, but how he follows through in the coming weeks and months.

"Does he stay on message? Does he continue to talk about the essential nature of American national security?" Luntz said. "This is not an administration that says the same thing day after day after day. It tends to veer off in other directions."

"The key for them is consistency, repetition and, quite frankly, accountability."

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