In an address to the nation tonight, President Trump will lay out a new plan for the Afghanistan war.

It's widely expected that Trump will announce an increase in U.S. troop levels, carrying on the nation's longest war. 

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Former CIA covert operations officer Mike Baker said he's concerned the U.S. is simply repeating the same failed strategy of the Soviet Union, which invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and occupied the country for nearly a decade.

He was asked what the "end game" is for the United States when it comes to the Afghanistan war. 

Baker said "nation-building" is not working in Afghanistan because of an inability to control the countryside and rampant corruption among government officials.  

"We're reliving history. These are the same problems the Soviets had," said Baker, adding he's concerned the war is at a stalemate. 

Baker said Trump appears to be choosing the "least worst" of many bad options with no "end game" in sight. Baker emphasized that the "final objective" is still unclear.

He said Erik Prince's idea of turning the war effort over to private contractors is "completely wrong and boneheaded."

Watch his thoughts above.

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