Anti-Fascist Stabs Innocent Man Over 'Neo-Nazi' Haircut

Malkin: History Whitewashers Want to Eradicate Country's Roots 'Warts and All'

Author Mark Steyn called for more exercise of free speech through debates than through protests.

Less speech leads to more violence, Steyn warned on "Fox & Friends" Sunday.

"The left is making an organized attempt to say that if you do not vote Democrat that you're a Nazi. That's the point of this," the political author said.

Liberals' argument is that if you're a Nazi, "we can't talk to you," Steyn said.

Backlash over the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that left one dead led some "antifa" protesters to rip down and deface Confederate monuments last week.

Critics have remarked that the left is eradicating history in their effort to condemn racism and slavery.

"Speaking personally, I think they should all be torn down and you should have some ones of George lll put up because that's before all the trouble," Steyn joked.

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