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'I Knew The Original Nazis': Arnold Tells Trump to Fully Reject White Supremacists

Trish Regan said factions of the Democratic Party are taking their anti-Trump rhetoric to a "whole new level."

Regan blasted Missouri State Sen. Maria Chapelle-Nadal (D-St. Louis County) for calling for President Trump to be assassinated.

"Can you believe that?" Regan said of Nadal.

She also ripped House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for referring to outgoing White House strategist Steve Bannon as a white supremacist.

"You guys are taking it too far here," she told former DNC staffer Pablo Manriquez.

"You're bringing us right back into the Dark Ages with this kind of rhetoric."

Manriquez said Trump is "spiraling out of control" and said he is "completely isolated" in his apparent extremist views.

Former Bush speechwriter Ned Ryun disagreed, saying that the left's "festering poison of identity politics" has "come to the surface" with their attacks on Trump and historical icons depicted in stone.

He compared Antifa rioters to Nazi Brownshirts and said "hate is hate and violence is violence."

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