Krauthammer: Steve Bannon Got 'Scaramucci-ed'

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Charles Krauthammer said he stands by his observation that outgoing White House strategist Stephen Bannon got "Scaramucci-ed."

He said Bannon's White House departure followed that of Anthony Scaramucci - attacking fellow staffers in a conversation with a left-wing news outlet.

"I'm committed to the 'Scaramucci-ed' explanation," he said.

"You can give me all these other explanations - you can say Kelly wanted to clean house," he said.

"The fact is [Bannon] gave this interview to the American Prospect after which you cannot work in the White House," Krauthammer continued.

He called the interview a "machine gun attack on everyone else in the White House."

Krauthammer added that Bannon may be the last of the self-described "populist, nationalist wing" of Trump's counselors.

"They won the battle," Krauthammer said of the globalists in the West Wing.

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