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A former skinhead leader and an anarchist who formerly organized Antifa activities came together to explain how and why their movements operate.

Scott Crow, a former Antifa organizer, said he became involved in the movement after he witnessed white supremacists factions on the rise in Dallas, Texas in the mid 1980s.

Crow said Antifa is not an established group, but more like a movement of like-minded individuals who come together when conditions are right.

He said that, like in Charlottesville, Va., Antifa saw white supremacists congregating and therefore showed up to counter-protest.

"Anybody who wants to stand up to white supremacists or stop communities of color from being attacked is Antifa," he said. "It could be your mother."

Former skinhead and neo-Nazi recruiter Frank Meeink said he went to marches in the early 1990s and held KKK-type banners.

He recalled being pelted with bottles and debris by Antifa demonstrators.

Crow said Antifa does not want to live with violence but must stand up when they see minorities and other people being oppressed.

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