Ben Shapiro, formerly of Breitbart News, predicted Steve Bannon will head back to the right-wing website which he used to run. 

The Trump White House shakeups continued Friday with the announcement that Bannon, the chief strategist and the former CEO of Breitbart, would leave today. 

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Shapiro said he believes Bannon will go back to Breitbart and "declare himself the conscience of the nationalist populist movement."

"He's going to use that power to smash the president when he thinks the president is wrong," said Shapiro, adding that Bannon will attempt to lead the alt-right movement that he helped create.

Shapiro noted that Bannon "openly bashed" the administration's policy on North Korea and China in an interview earlier this week, knowing he had handed in his resignation letter a few weeks ago. 

He pointed out that when Breitbart writes top White House adviser Gary Cohn's name in a headline, they now put globe emojis around it to signify "globalist."

Watch the segment above.

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