At least 12 people were killed and 80 injured when a van plowed through a crowded tourist area in Barcelona, Spain.

During Fox News Channel's breaking news coverage, Shepard Smith played a video from the scene, which shows the heartbreaking aftermath of the terror attack.

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Victims can be seen bloodied on the ground as others tried to assist them.

Initial reports stated two suspects were holed up in a bar near the popular Las Ramblas area of the city center, but that turned out to be false. 

Police later said there was no hostage situation at the bar, but that frightened people were sheltering there.

A man died in a shootout with police after ramming a Ford Focus into a police checkpoint about 90 minutes after the initial incident. Smith said the man who died is believed to be connected to the vehicle attack at Las Ramblas.

Two suspects were arrested, according to police. ISIS on Thursday afternoon claimed responsibility via its propaganda arm, according to SITE Intel Group.

"The perpetrators of the attack in #Barcelona are Islamic state soldiers and carried out the operation on command of [ISIS' leader] of targeting coalition countries," the ISIS release stated.

Local media reported several "stampedes" took place as scores of people rushed away from the area.

You can see the footage above and see more on the attack, here.

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