CNN Pundit Calls For Removal of All Washington, Jefferson & Lee Monuments

Al Sharpton: Defund the Jefferson Memorial

Tucker Carlson said the criticism of Confederate statues has now been proven to be a means to an end, when it comes to discrediting the founding fathers.

He said that the attacks on statues of Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson are not all about the problems in the 19th Century South.

"There's an effort to abolish the past and declare it morally worthless and unworthy of respect," he said.

Tucker noted that former Congressional Black Caucus director Angela Rye said on CNN that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's statues should come down because the duo owned slaves.

He also pointed to Al Sharpton, who demanded the Jefferson Memorial in the District of Columbia be defunded.

"After sending all the statues to the landfill it will be time to rip up our founding documents," Carlson said. "[If slave ownership is the metric], why should we honor the documents they wrote."

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