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The Republican challenging Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) in 2018 had a contentious debate with a CNN host over the lack of outcry from the left over Antifa violence in Charlottesville.

Corey Stewart (R), the chairman of Prince William County, near Manassas, said that only he and President Trump have been "talking about the violent left Antifa, who have been equally to blame" in Charlottesville.

"You think there is any moral equivalence between a neo-Nazi and anyone else?" CNN's Kate Bolduan fired back.

Stewart said he already condemned the white supremacist factions, saying "any group that espouses violence in a democracy where it is not necessary is wrong."

He accused CNN of failing to pin blame on Antifa and other violent left-wing factions for some of the violence in Charlottesville and elsewhere.

"Is it possible because someone died?" Bolduan responded.

Stewart said that CNN labels the right-wing "as racists and bigots" and that Bolduan's remark shows she is using the death of Heather Heyer as a pretext for the destruction of historical monuments.

Bolduan told Stewart to be "intellectually honest" about the controversy, but Stewart said "intellectual honesty" was ironic coming from CNN.

"I'm the host of this show... Stop talking, stop talking," Bolduan said after Stewart fired another verbal volley at the network.

"There has been a time and a place to have a debate over the appropriate placement of [monuments but it] stopped being about statues when people showed up with Swastikas," Bolduan said.

Stewart maintained that the violence could be credited to both sides and blamed Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-Va.) of joining CNN in failing to call out left-wing violence.

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