Graphic Video Shows Aftermath of Barcelona Vehicle Terror Attack

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Liam Searle, who was skateboarding down Barcelona's Las Ramblas when several terrorists drove a van down the pedestrian arcade, recounted the event to Tucker Carlson.

Searle said he goes down Las Ramblas multiple times a day, and was skateboarding with his earbuds inserted while the attack took place.

"I was listening to music and from my left I hear thud noises, and in the space of like five seconds I go from hearing that... and then I see everyone from the bars... start screaming and running," Searle said.

He said that at that point he could see the culprits' van roll to a stop nearby.

Searle added he wasn't sure whether the driver braked or hit something to stop the vehicle.

He said he picked up his skateboard and sought shelter in a gift shop then a theater.

"I... ran for the nearest place I could get into," he said. "Police [then] came from everywhere."

Carlson added that as Searle spoke to him, Spanish police reportedly killed several suspects in another Spanish town "in response to a terror attack."

Carlson said that, at time of broadcast, he could not tell whether the suspects were linked to the Barcelona attack or another incident.

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