Steyn: Without First Amendment Protections, You Have Charlottesville-Type Violence

Tucker: 'Today's Political Opponents Could Be Tomorrow's Designated Nazis'

Tucker Carlson fired back at former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who appeared to accuse the host of "rationalizing slavery" in his monologue the previous night.

Carlson recounted how he said the outrage against Confederate monuments is not all about slavery, but also about "discrediting the Founders" and their "beliefs enshrined in law."

That way, Carlson said, the left can dismiss First and Second Amendment Rights as the product of slaveholders.

Kristol tweeted that Carlson "started by rationalizing Trump, then ended by rationalizing slavery."

Carlson called the accusation "outrageous" and said Kristol later libeled him in a tweet about anti-Semitism.

"Next Luther, Voltaire and Marx were anti-Jewish, so why is it a big deal that the marchers were chanting 'Jews will not replace us'," Kristol tweeted.

Carlson said he worked for and admired Kristol for several years as a thoughtful, educated man-about-Washington.

"I never would've imagined he would write something that nasty about an enemy or even an old friend," he said.

Carlson said that hysteria has supplanted debate and that Kristol is an example of that.

He recounted how Kristol would painstakingly discuss his next column's topics with friends and put together some of the best writings in the magazine.

But, he said that with the rise of social media, the well-published writer has turned to social media "like a slot machine junkie in Reno."

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