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Rocker Ted Nugent fired back at critics of President Trump who accused him of passively accepting support of white supremacists by criticizing "all sides" in the Charlottesville violence.

"All lives matter and we condemn all violence," Nugent said on "The Fox News Specialists."

"Those are bad words? Why are those bad words - what planet are you from?" he asked.

"If you don't agree with that, you're a racist," Nugent said.

Eboni Williams disagreed, saying that it "wasn't all sides that drove a car into [victim] Heather Heyer."

Williams said suspect James Fields was a "single individual acting in the name of white nationalism."

Nugent said critics of Trump are being "gagged by political correctness" into adhering to an anti-Trump narrative.

David Webb said Heyer's death was "not attributable to Trump's words."

Katherine Timpf said that Trump "never hesitated" to name radical Islamic terrorists, but hesitated to immediately name white supremacists in Southside Virginia.

"This is not the GOP's first time at this rodeo," Eboni Williams said.

Webb added that there was some hypocrisy to the Trump critics called out by Nugent- former KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd was a longtime Democratic senator from West Virginia who was "accepted" by the party.

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