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Author Mark Steyn said that the First Amendment protections of freedom of speech and expression are paramount for a functional society.

"Freedom of speech enables you to argue for other freedoms, and that is the point of it," Steyn said.

Steyn was reacting to Tucker Carlson's monologue regarding corporations and progressives censoring speech of offensive factions.

He agreed that, while white supremacy is abhorrent, stifling the rights of more moderate factions lead to those factions finding other ways to express themselves.

"The less freedom of speech we have, the more we have what we saw over the weekend," he said. "All you can do is blow things up and shoot people."

"It always starts off with [white nationalist websites], but it goes further than that," he said. 

Steyn said that PayPal recently banned a website from using its payment transfer services because the website is "immigrant restrictionist."

"If the U.S. government thinks in 1909 that [monopoly] Standard Oil had gotten too big... what is Google now?" he asked.

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