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Sean Hannity blasted the mainstream media for their coverage of President Trump's reaction to Charlottesville unrest.

Hannity reiterated how white supremacists and related factions are most responsible for the violence in Thomas Jefferson's hometown.

But, Hannity said Trump was correct to point out the violence on both sides, adding that the media did not handle that statement well.

"The media is living in an alternative universe," he said. "All they want to do is destroy the president."

Hannity pointed out that less than a week ago, the media was mocking Trump as a Kim Jong Un wannabe, unhinged and unstable and holding nuclear codes.

This week, he pointed out how many pundits switched over to blasting Trump as a neo-Nazi sympathizer and the like.

Former Bush adviser Nicolle Wallace said on MSNBC that Trump gave "safe harbor to Nazis" with his statement.

Joy Ann Reid said on the same network that Trump is "short of... Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Jackson" on racism.

Wilson, a New Jersey Democrat, oversaw an airing of the white nationalist film "Birth of a Nation" in the White House, and Jackson forced Native Americans along "the trail of tears."

Hannity called the media "beyond despicable."

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