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The man taking on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in the 2018 midterm election leveled shots at the popular progressive congresswoman on Wednesday.

State Rep. Geoff Diehl (R-Mass.) will challenge Warren, whom he says is "ignoring" Massachusetts constituents.

The Diehl campaign's signature hat looks like a "Make America Great Again" hat but reads, "Make Elizabeth Teach Again."

The Republican challenger said the hat is a reference to Warren's prior stint as a Harvard Law professor. Diehl remarked that Warren would be better off back at the university where she made over $300,000 a year teaching one course than obstructing progress in Washington.

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"She's part of this hashtag "resist" movement," Diehl noted. "We think in Massachusetts she should be trying to assist the American agenda and help the people of Massachusetts, but that's not what she's doing."

Diehl, former co-chair for the Trump campaign in Massachusetts, said he'd like to grow jobs, and see taxes cut and put an end to illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

Watch what he had to say above.