Ben Shapiro of Daily Wire said President Trump continues to blow up his own message, with Tuesday's press conference being the latest example.

Speaking to reporters from Trump Tower, Trump doubled down on his original contention that both sides were at fault for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

He called out the "alt-left" counter-protesters and claimed there were "fine people" among the rioters, which included KKK members and neo-Nazis.

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The remarks overshadowed the reason for the event, which was his announcement of a $1 trillion plan to fix aging infrastructure.

On the heels of the press conference, 28-year-old Hope Hicks - a longtime aide to Trump - was named as the White House interim communications director.

However, Shapiro doubted that Hicks will have much of an impact in terms of convincing Trump to change his ways.

"If John Kelly wasn't the answer, I'm not sure why Hope Hicks would be," said Shapiro, adding that "the biggest problem for the Trump administration has been Trump."

A photo of Kelly looking visibly perturbed during Trump's battle with reporters went viral last night.

Shapiro said top White House advisers did not want the president to make any further comments after condemning white supremacists on Monday. 

"He decided he had to blow all that up for another set of headlines because he was miffed at something," said Shapiro. 

He added that Trump refuses to try to broaden his popularity beyond his base, with his approval at 30 to 35 percent in recent polls. 

Watch the segment above.

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