A Scripps College student said she was bullied for posting a photo of her posing with Vice President Mike Pence.

According to McKenzie Deutsch, her peers think taking a photo with the vice president "constitutes direct violence and oppression against marginalized groups."

Although she was afraid of being "shunned" by her peers, Deutsch took a chance and posted the photo on Facebook, and her fears were realized.

One commenter criticized her for standing next to someone who is “a threat to human rights everywhere.”

Another critic said she was “ignoring the plights of marginalized people to achieve personal gain” and “smiled with [her] oppressors.”

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“Did you manage to ask him why he thinks women are second-class citizens?” one asked. “How many LBGTQ folks do you need to help send to conversion therapy in exchange for reproductive rights from Pence?”

The harassers even resorted to name-calling, with one writing only "B****."

Deutsch wrote about the experience in her school newspaper, saying, "“How did we get to the point where taking a photo with someone is an act of violence?”

“How will we ever be able to have adult conversations if no one is ever willing to listen to those who have opposing philosophies? How can we coexist when we write off our political opponents — as well as those who dare to take photos with them — as morally bankrupt?”

Deutsch added, “No one seems to remember what their teachers have taught them since Kindergarten: Be respectful of others."

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