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White House chief strategist Steven Bannon's future in the Trump administration is reportedly in doubt.

Sources inside the White House and outside advisers told Fox News that Bannon has become increasingly isolated inside the White House following the ascension of John Kelly as chief of staff.

On Fox Business Network today, Charlie Gasparino said that Bannon, who has survived even as top Trump lieutenants like Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus have resigned, "has a lot of lives."

He warned President Trump that ditching Bannon could have negative consequences.

"If you get rid of him, you lose a big part of your base," Gasparino cautioned. "And you also made an incredible enemy who's going to be on the outside, working Breitbart."

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He said the question President Trump must ask him is: "Is Steve Bannon a liability long-term?"

"Is Steve Bannon costing Trump anything now? Is he costing him legislative victories? I don't know," Gasparino said.

He pointed out that if Trump gets rid of Bannon, then there won't be many conservative voices in his inner circle at the White House.

"If I was to guess what happens with Bannon - this is just a pure guess - he survives this, because the guy's got nine lives, he puts in another two months," Gasparino said.

He noted that Bannon has long said that he doesn't expect to last in his position longer than eight months.

He said he thinks that Bannon will stick in the White House until he reaches that mark, and then he'll leave in a way in which he "saves face" and avoids turning the populist right against the administration.

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