The mother of the man accused of slamming his car into a group of protesters at a neo-Nazi rally Charlottesville, Va., learned of her son's alleged actions via a reporter. 

In video aired this afternoon on Fox News, Samantha Bloom appeared shocked when she was notified about the arrest of her son, James Alex Fields Jr.

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Fields, 20, of Maumee, Ohio, appeared in court today and was denied bail on second-degree murder charges. One woman was killed in the crash, while several were hurt.

"Running his car into a crowd of people?" she asked the reporter in disbelief. 

Bloom then asked if anyone was hurt by her son.

According to the AP, Bloom - a paraplegic - called police in 2011 to report that her son had threatened her with a knife.

Bloom accused her son of hitting her in 2010. 

She told the reporter that she knew her son was going to an alt-right rally and advised him to be peaceful. Bloom mentioned a black friend of her son's, seemingly surprised at his racist viewpoints.

Meantime, a former high school teacher recalled that Fields exhibited a fascination with the Nazis and "loved" Adolf Hitler.

Watch the report above.

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