'You Spread a Lot of Fake News': Trump, CNN's Acosta Battle Over Charlottesville

Trump Condemns White Supremacists, KKK, Neo-Nazis by Name

When President Trump makes his first return to his New York City home since the inauguration, he will be greeted by a rat.

A New York artist created a massive inflatable "Trump rat" which he presented in front of the Plaza Hotel on Monday.

John Post Lee, of the Bravin Lee gallery, said he modeled his Trump rat after the blow-up rats labor unions often use to protest businesses.

"I was amazed at how effective [the rats] were. I marveled at how disgusting they were," Lee told the New York Daily News.

The large rat features Trump's signature hairstyle, a Russian flag lapel pin and cufflinks styled after the Confederate Stars & Bars.

Additional barricades were seen in front of Trump Tower, as the president plans to travel there from his golf course near Bernardsville, N.J. later Monday.

The rat joins its Washington, D.C. counterpart, an inflatable "Trump rooster" now positioned near the White House.

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