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On "The Next Revolution," Steve Hilton reacted to the violence that broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

One person died Saturday when a car rammed into a crowd of protesters as tension boiled over at a white supremacist rally.

Hilton said it's important that we call this "evil" act what it is: "white supremacist terrorism."

"When we see an Islamist attack, it's right to say, 'This doesn't represent Islam,'" Hilton said. "And it's right to say tonight that white supremacists do not represent populism."

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He said we must isolate the extremists and unite behind a positive populist agenda that helps working people of all backgrounds.

"We need to be open-minded if we're going to build support for solutions that turn things around," Hilton said.

He said the "elite's reaction" to the Charlottesville violence is already fanning the flames of discord.

"They say populism, nativism, racism, it's all basically the same thing. No, it is not," Hilton emphatically said, explaining that populism is a "pro-worker policy agenda."

"To those people sliming around a Southern city on a summer's day carrying the flag of the Nazi Party, on behalf of the populist movement I say, we don't want you in our movement, we don't want you in our communities. Frankly, we don't want you in our country, because you are the opposite of everything it stands for."

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