'You Spread a Lot of Fake News': Trump, CNN's Acosta Battle Over Charlottesville

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Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted to reports that President Obama knew about possible Russian meddling in American elections as far back as 2014.

Napolitano said the news, from Politico, gives Special Counsel Robert Mueller cause to interview members of both the 44th and 45th presidents.

"[There is] reason to believe President Obama was told about this in 2014 and couldn't decide what to do," Napolitano said.

He said Obama wanted Hillary Clinton to be president but didn't want to look like he was helping her.

"So he sat on this," he said. "Bob Mueller has a duty to examine that."

He said Mueller is currently trying to "make a circle" around President Trump with James Comey's record of events that led to him being removed from the FBI.

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