Gutfeld on Charlottesville: 'The Camera is 'Miracle Gro' for Mayhem'

'Would Trump's Enemies Still Hate Him?': Watters Blasts Left's Charlottesville Hypocrisy

In his Opening Monologue, Sean Hannity blasted the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va. as "disgusting and despicable."

He said the violence broke out because of "inexcusable racist, white supremacist views."

"This was all provoked by radical racist extremists, but the violent clashes should never have happened - where were the police?" he asked.

Hannity said that victim Heather Heyer was "killed over a bunch of idiots fighting over stupid anti-American views."

But, he said that the violent extremism seen over the weekend is "not exclusive to one particular party."

Hannity said the left is home to several similarly repugnant people like Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright.

He said the left used the "high profile act of violence" to "bludgeon the president and conservatives."

Hannity said the left didn't - and shouldn't have - assign blame to the progressive left when a Bernie Sanders volunteer tried to assassinate Republican congressmen earlier this year.

He also pointed out that the blame put on President Trump was misguided.

Back in 2000, Trump called KKK leader David Duke a "bigot and racist" but was still tied to his ideology after the Charlottesville incident.

Meanwhile, Hannity said the left failed to rein in its own examples of racially-charged incident, like when then-Vice President Joe Biden told an audience in southside Virginia that the Republicans will "put you all back in chains."

He also pointed to Al Gore's racially-charged rhetoric about the 2000 census.

"Hatred of any kind should not be tolerated," he said of extremist elements on the left and right.

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