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Greg Gutfeld said there is only one group at fault for the violence in Charlottesville last weekend.

"Racist scum."

However, Gutfeld said the racist elements present at the Robert E. Lee statue were "egged on" by the presence of cameras and a press anxious to record the action.

"Where there's a lens, there's always a show," he said, calling the violence a "deathsport fought in the Coliseum of modern media."

"Had we all ignored this, the march would've been forgotten fast," Gutfeld said. "The camera is Miracle-Gro for mayhem."

Gutfeld said the media was wrong to call the actions of rioters emblematic of the larger whole.

"It's a diseased symptom of the larger body politic," he said. "Nothing good ever comes from an angry mob. And, that includes the media."

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