Radio host David Webb pointed out that both white nationalists and radical Leftists attacked President Trump on Saturday.

The nation was left grieving after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA turned violent, leaving one person dead and dozens injured. The rioting began over the proposed removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee near the University of Virginia.

Critics slammed President Trump for not calling the rioters white supremacists when he condemned them yesterday on Twitter and at a press conference.

"The president no matter what he does will have this alignment of white nationalists, David Duke condemning him or the Antifa leftist hate movement," Webb remarked to "Fox & Friends" on Sunday.

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Infamous former KKK leader David Duke styles himself a Trump supporter but on Saturday ripped into the president for condemning the violent white nationalists.

"President Trump has been forceful in his statements in the past, he was yesterday, he will be in the future," Webb said, adding that his opponents "don't know the man, don't know people who ever worked for him or don't know his real history, [and] they will find a way to attack him."

"We've turned the course on racism, sexism, women's rights, look at what this country has done," Webb continued. "How could anyone honestly come out and say that this isn't a great country and that a president who wants to support America for what she stands for is not a good idea."

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