Trump on Charlottesville: We Have to Respect and Ideally Love Each Other

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Mike Huckabee condemned the white nationalist riots that rocked the nation yesterday as "evil, sinful, disgusting behavior."

"It's one thing to have passionate beliefs, but when it results in trying to hurt or even kill other people, whether it's slaughtering a group of congressmen on a ball field or driving a car into a crowd of people, that's not politics. That's not America," the former Arkansas governor told "Fox & Friends" on Sunday.

No one is better than anyone else, Huckabee said, slamming the displays of racism as "anti-God and anti-American."

President Trump received some backlash for not naming the violence as white supremacy.

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides," the president said at a press conference yesterday.

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"When I watch Charlottesville to me it's very, very sad."

Gov. Huckabee said the point should be laid to rest since the president did indeed condemn the rioters.

"I think we have to kind of just dismiss that. Did he condemn what happened? Yes he did, and nothing will ever satisfy the Trump haters."

"Donald Trump is no more responsible for Charlottesville than Barack Obama was personally responsible for Baltimore and Ferguson," the former presidential candidate continued.