Dan Bongino emphasized that the white nationalists who descended upon Charlottesville, VA Saturday and reduced the city to rioting are fringe radicals.

 "I think this is what is alienating a large swath of middle America that's not as ideological as we think," the former Secret Secret and NYPD officer told "Fox & Friends."

Bongino slammed what he sees as a double standard held by the Left.

President Trump was criticized for not calling the white supremacists by that name when he condemned them at a press conference and on Twitter yesterday. Many of the rioters wore "Make America Great Again" hats and some claimed to be following the president's agenda.

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"When this happens on the Left ... Antifa beating people up it's conservatives running out and saying listen, not all Democrats are responsible for this," Bongino pointed out, referencing the Bernie Sanders supporter who opened fire on a congressional baseball practice.

Former KKK leader David Duke has proclaimed himself a Trump supporter, but yesterday he slammed the president for coming down hard on white supremacists.

What should be a collective moment of mourning has turned into an attack on the president, Bongino lamented, calling it "pathetic."

If people incite violence "they forfeited their entire right to political activism," he concluded.

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