Steve Cortes stated that the border wall is not anti-Mexico, but meant to protect those who would enter into the U.S. through Mexico to harm those here.

"It's not because we hate Mexico," Cortes told "Fox & Friends" on Saturday. "We lock our doors at night and our homes not because we hate those on the outside but because we love those on the inside and we want to protect them."

Cortes, a former member of President Trump's Hispanic advisory council, was reacting to a proposed Los Angeles law that would require contractors to divulge whether they have provided materials for or worked on President Trump's border wall in any way.

"We want to know if there are people who do business with the city of Los Angeles ... who wish to profit from ... building a wall that would divide us from our nearest and dearest neighbor Mexico," said Councilman Gil Cedillo on Tuesday.

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State Sen. Ricardo Lara wants the rule to apply to the entire state.

Cortes said the move is "typical of the Left."

"When they can't win on ideas ... they resort to coercion," he lamented.

Ironically, legal immigrants who work in the construction industry may actually suffer from the city's law, Cortes pointed out.

The proposal is simply a "diversion" from Los Angeles' crime and poverty, Cortes charged.

"Nothing got the response at our rallies and among the Trump base like building the wall did," Cortes recalled from the Trump campaign days.

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