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Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North appeared on "America's Newsroom" today to discuss how the U.S. should face the nuclear threat posed by North Korea.

He reiterated remarks he made earlier this week, in which he argued that China is the best leverage the U.S. has in dealing with Kim Jong Un's regime.

He explained that even though the United Nations recently voted to slap North Korea with more sanctions, it won't be enough to force them to slow or suspend their nuclear program.

"The problem with sanctions is they take too damn long," North said. "This is something that needs to be shut down in days, not weeks or months. And certainly not in years."

He said President Trump must convince President Xi Jinping and China's politburo that the U.S. will take military action against North Korea if their saber-rattling continues.

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He noted an op-ed he wrote for FoxNews.com, in which he suggested ten actions Trump can take to convince China the U.S. is "deadly serious":

1. Press ROK President Moon to accept as many THAAD systems as we can deliver.

2. Ask Israel to consider providing Iron Dome, Arrow, Iron Beam, even David’s Sling systems to ROK to help defend Seoul against DPRK artillery on the DMZ.

3. Return the U.S. Tactical Nuclear weapons to the ROK that we withdrew in December 1991.

4. Deploy another Carrier Strike Group to the region & more long-range strike a/c & air-to-air tankers to Guam, Okinawa and ROK.

5. Deploy Search & Rescue [SAR] assets to ROK and ask Xi if we can base some SAR assets to China to recover downed air-crews [It’s unlikely he will agree but it may wake up the politburo in Beijing].

6. Deploy the hospital ships USNS Mercy from San Diego to Pusan & USNS Comfort from Norfolk to Japan.

7. Deploy a USN/USMC Marine Expeditionary Unit to an off-shore station in the region.

8. Deploy more ISR assets [satellites, etc.] to update target lists. That we’re doing so is sure to leak.

9. Deliver biological & chemical protection equipment to the ROK.

10. Urge Japanese Prime Minister Abe to visit Beijing with the mission of convincing PRC President Xi he will get the credit and be remembered in history as “The Leader Who Took Us Back From the Brink...”

He pointed out that a military conflict on the Korean Peninsula would be a disaster for the entire region, with millions of refugees likely ending up in China.

Watch more above.

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