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Mark Steyn said "CNN should be ashamed of themselves" for firing Jeffrey Lord, a Trump-supporting author and analyst who tweeted "Sieg Heil" at a liberal advocacy group's president.

Lord, who routinely appeared from his Pennsylvania home as the "pro-Trump" side of on-air debates, was fired after he mocked Media Matters chief Angelo Carusone on Twitter using the Nazi salute.

"I would put this in the 'our society is becoming too stupid to survive' file," Steyn said. "[Lord was] mocking an organization he regards as totalitarian."

Steyn said Lord was expressing his outrage at Media Matters for targeting conservative hosts and their advertisers in a fascistic way, and thereby mocking Carusone as a Nazi.

"It doesn't mean [Lord] is sitting in his basement dressed as an Obergruppenfuehrer playing Nazi," he said.

"We're saying bad words - mean words - you use them in a joke, you're dead: Your career is over," Steyn said. "CNN should be ashamed of themselves."

"Anybody with a brain knew this was a joke," Katherine Timpf said.

Steyn said his mother grew up in Belgium during the German Occupation, which added to his outrage that a joke could be a terminable offense.

"[This is] the most pampered generation in history. You have no idea to lose your childhood, to have your cities bombed," Steyn said.

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