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Vietnam Veterans Moved to Tears on Honor Flight to D.C.

Discussing workforce training with his Labor and Education secretaries, President Trump reiterated his stern warning to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

"I hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what I said," Trump said in response to a reporter asking about his "fire and fury" remark.

Speaking at his golf club in Somerset County, N.J., Trump refused to answer questions about reported "back-channel" communications between Washington and Pyongyang.

But, the president did say he believed that former presidents effectively kicked the can down the road in regards to the North Korean threat.

Vietnam Veterans Moved to Tears on Honor Flight to D.C.

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"They didn't want to take on the issue and I have no choice but to take it on," he said.

"If he does anything with respect to Guam [or other American lands or allies] he will truly regret it and regret it fast," he said of Kim.

He also dismissed a reporter who asked about German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly saying there can be no military solution in North Korea.

"Maybe she's speaking for Germany," Trump said. "She's not speaking for the United States."

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