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Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks that the FBI's raid of Paul Manafort's home is definitely a "bad thing" for President Trump.

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, Napolitano explained that the FBI's modus operandi is often to indict an individual linked to a bigger target on an unrelated matter and then getting them to flip as a state witness.

The Fox News senior judicial analyst said federal agents will usually bring in as many individuals as possible and "hold the sword" of an indictment over them in exchange for testimony. 

"It's the way they put together a puzzle of a case against whoever their true target is, whether it's President Trump or somebody else," Napolitano said.

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He said the fact that the FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid of Manafort's home shows that investigators must have convinced a federal judge they had reason to believe Manafort could not be trusted to turn over all records in response to a grand jury subpoena.

"That means that they think that Paul Manafort or his lawyer is somehow not being faithful or truthful with them," Napolitano said.

Ainsley Earhardt asked if this development is a "good thing" for Trump.

"This is a bad thing for the president," Napolitano said. "This means that FBI agents have told a federal judge there's some there there. We don't know what it is, but a federal judge would not authorize this extraordinary tool without something there."

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