Trump: If N. Korea Attacks, 'Things Will Happen Like They Never Thought Possible'

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Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka blasted the Washington Post for writing that President Trump is unfit to hold the nuclear codes because of his rhetoric toward North Korea.

"Childish. Irresponsible," Gorka said when asked about the editorial.

The Post's Marc Fisher and Jenna Johnson wrote that Trump's threat of "fire and fury" can be seen by critics as a "president gone over the edge."

They recalled how, on the campaign trail, Trump said of ISIS, "I would bomb the s**t out of them," and how he mentioned that he "loves" war.

"We have a grave threat to the region and to the Korean peninsula," Gorka said. "And, this is what a so-called reputable newspaper wants to waste our time on."

Liz Claman asked if people should indeed be concerned about what actions the U.S. might take under Trump.

"Only if they're irresponsible or if they have a political agenda to drive instead of the truth," Gorka said, later going on to blast the "fake news industrial complex."

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