Authorities in the San Diego area are looking for a man who allegedly poured liquid plant food onto an unopened water jug. 

The jugs, delivered by Sparkletts, were sitting on the couple's front porch when their home surveillance camera captured the trespasser, saving them from potential harm. 

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The homeowner posted the video on Facebook, writing, "So this guy came on our porch last night to look around. He opened our unopened Sparkletts water and poured liquid plant food that I had on the porch into the water. Anyway, on the off chance that anyone recognizes him I would like to speak with him."

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Tina Gagne said the incident occurred just after midnight Tuesday. Gagne and her wife said they did not recognize the man and don't know why he would have targeted their home. 

"I would have never thought something as simple as leaving my water on my front porch would lead to something like this, so I wanted all my neighbors to know," said Gagne.

The suspect kept his back turned the whole time, possibly realizing a camera was there. Anyone with information should contact the San Diego Police Department.

Read more at FOX San Diego.

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