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Lou Dobbs criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for blasting President Trump at a speech in Florence, Ky.

McConnell said Trump doesn't come from the world of politics and has to understand that things move slower than he would like.

Speaking at his golf club near Lamington, N.J., Trump slammed McConnell's comments, saying: "Mitch, get to work and get [ObamaCare repeal] done."

Dobbs said he too had lost patience with McConnell.

"This election was about the forgotten man and woman that Trump brought back into the forefront," Dobbs said.

"[McConnell] needs a snuffbox up near his nose as he condescends and patronizes the president," he said.

Dobbs said the Republican Party is "in a crisis and doesn't even know it."

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