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Mark Steyn debated a newspaper reporter who supported a move by a Minnesota student group to shun white people.

According to Steyn, the University of Minnesota has a student group - "tongues untied" - which caters exclusively to "LGBTQIA" people seeking a "safe space."

"For those of you who speak English instead of Progressive," Steyn said, "[it is] for non-white gay and trans people."

The website Campus Reform later noticed that references to white people being disinvited had disappeared.

CityPages columnist Mike Mullen blasted Campus Reform, calling the story's author a "notably white man from South Carolina."

Steyn pointed out that Mullen is a "notably white man from Minnesota."

"You're right, and I'm not outraged that I'm not allowed to go to a group for black and queer gay people," Mullen said. "I'm surprised it bothers them."

Steyn said the group aims to connect "LGBTQIA" people of different races and creeds, but in doing so ignores whether they have anything in common with white people of the same sexual orientation.

"Why do you think an indigenous trans woman has more in common with an African-American asexual than with a white trans woman? Because that's what this group is saying," Steyn asked.

"This is like Mad Libs, where you just toss the identification group confetti in the air... and piece it any which way," he said.

Watch the heated discussion above.

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