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"Blaze" host Dana Loesch criticized actress Ashley Judd who streamed on Facebook a nearly three-minute reaction to an airport worker who called her "sweetheart."

Judd said the man called her "sweetheart," to which she responded that she was not his "sweetheart" but his "client."

She said she also objected to the man complimenting her dress and touching her.

"This is the kind of thing I categorize as everyday sexism," Judd said.

Loesch said Judd's video was an example of "everyday lunacy" and that "chivalry has been under attack by third-wave feminism."

Mark Steyn pointed out that Judd's last public appearance featured her calling herself a "nasty woman" at the same rally in which Madonna threatened to set off a bomb in the Trump White House.

"I found that cringeworthy," Loesch said, noting that women face actual oppression elsewhere in the world, like Saudi Arabia.

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