Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) said this morning that the United States cannot go "halfway" if President Trump orders the use of force against North Korea's nuclear program. 

"I don't believe in threatening our enemies. I believe in killing them," said Peters, adding that military force should always be a last resort but the diplomatic options are running out.

The Fox News strategic analyst said the primary function of the government is to defend its citizens and its territory and North Korea continues to make "wanton threats."

Earlier this morning, Dr. Sebastian Gorka hit back at some of the critics of Trump for his stern message.

Trump delivered a stark warning to hermit dictator Kim Jong Un yesterday, saying "fire and fury" would come from the United States if the threats continue. 

U.S. intelligence believes North Korea now possesses a nuclear warhead small enough to fit inside a missile, crossing a key threshold.

Peters said the military has, over the last few generations, adopted a philosophy of "minimizing enemy casualties" and to "break stuff but don't hurt people."

He said that is not a realistic strategy if the U.S. is forced to fight Pyongyang. 

"The worst thing would be to do it halfway, to try and make nice and have a clean war. If we must go to North Korea with our military force, we need to hammer them and give the world a lesson of what we can really do," said Peters. 

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