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Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North appeared on "America's News HQ" today to share insight on how the U.S. should face the North Korean nuclear threat.

North said he's a firm believer that the military option needs to be on the table, but it should only come to that after all other opportunities have been exhausted.

"This is an existential threat to the United States of America, to every civilian in this country, because you never know where one of their missiles is going to go," North said.

He said this is "much more serious" than the Cuban Missile Crisis, because the threat of mutually assured destruction worked against the Soviet Union.

"There's no such assurance with the Iranians or the North Koreans that they have that same survival instinct," North said.

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He said we must convince China that we're "deadly serious" about North Korea, because China is the only leverage the U.S. has over the reclusive kingdom.

He pointed out that the population of North Korea is about 25 million, and many of them would likely end up as refugees in China if there's a military conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

He said we must convince China that that would be a disaster for the entire region, not just North Korea.

"In order to protect the American people, no president ... can allow this kind of existential threat against the homeland to continue," North said. "It's got to stop."

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