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Dr. Robert Jeffress, one of President Trump's informal advisers, said the Bible gives the commander-in-chief great leverage in quashing the increasing threat from North Korea.

Jeffress, of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, said a passage about government leaders in Romans 13 gives Trump the "moral authority" to "use whatever force necessary, including assassination" to remove threats to humanity like Kim Jong-un.

"For he is the Servant of God: An avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer," reads the Scripture.

Jeffress said most Christians will agree that it is Trump's duty as a leader to keep the peace when someone like Kim threatens innocent civilians in another land.

Kim threatened to conduct an attack on Guam, an American territory in Micronesia that lies several thousand miles southwest of Hawaii.

The North Korean regime also regularly claims it has the ability to hit the Aloha State and several western members of the Lower 48.

Trump said that if Kim follows through on his threat to Guam or any American land, he "will be met with fire and fury."

Jeffress said it is Trump's responsibility to protect the American homeland in that way.

But, Phil Hotsenpiller, another notable Christian leader, told Lauren Green that if Romans 13 is to be taken the way Jeffress said, the Kim regime would've been removed years ago.

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