Guam Gov: 'I Want a President That Meets NK Attack With Hell & Fury'

'They're the Crazy Ones': Steyn Blasts Press for Focusing on Trump's NK Word Choice

Greg Gutfeld reacted to the media controversy surrounding President Trump's response to North Korean aggression.

Gutfeld criticized mainstream media figures who made sweeping statements about Trump - some of whom compared him to dictator Kim Jong-un.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell said Kim's "apocalyptic statements" were met with similar ones from Trump.

The network's morning commentator Mike Barnicle called Trump's rhetoric a "frightening selection of words."

CNN's Erin Burnett summed up Trump's promise of "fire and fury" against North Korean attacks as "bluster."

"Funny how the press worries more about Donald Trump's words than North Korea's actions," Gutfeld said. 

"I guess they feel they're the only ones allowed to scare people to death," he said before playing a clip of Brian Williams saying he would do just that.

Gutfeld said Trump should pull the "be-crazier-than-a-crazy-guy" trick, where he acts in an eccentric way in hopes that Kim will think attacking the U.S. is "not worth the risk."

He added that, while North Korea is a "risk," the threat of radical Islam is the "ruin."

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