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Author Mark Steyn criticized the mainstream media for taking time to condemn President Trump's choice of words regarding the North Korean threat, while largely ignoring the threat itself.

"They're actually arguing about the president's rhetoric at a time when a government has made an explicit threat to nuke U.S. territory," Steyn said.

He said that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and President Trump are often called "crazy."

"These guys are the crazy ones," he said, referring to the press.

Many in the media ripped Trump for promising "fire and fury" if Kim attacks the U.S.

"People are arguing about whether [Kim] can merely nuke Guam or nuke Boston," Steyn said incredulously. "That's why we're at a hellish point."

He also blamed 25 years of "house-trained politicians" for failing to confront the threat from Pyongyang as Trump has.

"This is actually something real," he said. "An economic basket case somehow became a nuclear power" on Clinton, Bush and Obama's watch.

"It's not a time to argue about rhetoric," he said.

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