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Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich reacted to filmmaker Spike Lee promoting a "United We Stand" rally for embattled NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Pavlich said it is "absolutely absurd" to think that Kaepernick is a "victim" in some way, after the former 49er protested the national anthem and wore socks disparaging cops as swine.

She pointed out Kaepernick scored a $100 million contract despite being ranked the 23rd-best quarterback in a 32-team league.

Lee said he is not organizing the August 23 rally, but said he supports it.

"He's just not that good at football anymore, and he's not at that starter level," Pavlich said.

Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins said the issue is not about Kaepernick, but about the "uncomfortable conversation" about current police rapport with African-Americans.

He mentioned how boxer Muhammad Ali was arrested for draft evasion in the 1960s- a show of activism deemed similarly controversial.

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